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Guided by evidence-based strategies and holistic development, this one-of-a-kind course combines advanced neuro-based techniques with strategic career development. 

This is about finding congruency and alignment in your deepest self to allow your career to be something where you use your innate talents and interests to be paid for contributing something great to the world

Feeling stagnant in your current career path... like there's no room for growth?

The biggest challenge to achieving your goals is believing you can't.

Our Proven 3 Step Triple E System is designed to develop awareness around your professional experience, eliminate mental and emotional roadblocks to create confidence towards your future, and strategize your communication skills to confidently position yourself as the expert.

Elena Pastore, Founder

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“Elena provided great insight to help me stand out amongst the competition in my field of Human Resources; she gave me tips I never even thought of or would even know and even went over my LinkedIn profile with me. I found our call very productive, insightful, encouraging, and supportive. I'm thrilled with my decision to book a session with her!”

Our meeting was an invaluable experience for me. 

-Dominique, Human Resources Rep

 "She came prepared and was very thorough in her understanding of each [CliftonStrengths theme] making the session applicable to the entire audience. She was also incredible kind and handle very difficult questions very well. She went above and beyond for this session and we were grateful to have her as a part of our team offsite."

Elena was Incredible 


"Elena presented to Roosevelt University Trio students on StrengthFinder. Her presentation was informative and interactive. Our students and my colleagues enjoyed every moment of her presentation. We walked away with tangible knowledge and empowerment on how we can strategically utilize our skillsets for our current and future career paths. I highly recommend Elena she will add value to any environment. Thank me later!” 

Elena will add value to any environment

-Kristen, Career Coach

“Elena was a stellar coach, listened amazingly well and gave me insight to my being “stuck in a rut” that not only feels like I’m not stuck in a rut, but I have clear action items and a path forward. No matter your age or industry, she can provide amazing insights and give you an amazing direction forward. Highly recommended!”

Highly Recommended

-Nick, Information Technology

“I immediately felt at ease with Elena and was able to open up about my fears on the job search path, the uncertainties of what I want to be "when I grow up," and being out here after nearly 20 years with one employer. She had me watch an informative video on optimizing Linkedin before our meeting which opened my eyes to what Linkedin has to offer. The bio she created was great and my resume looks clean, crisp and ready to be seen by the recruiter of my dream position. I will be booking Elena for the Career Q&A as I feel confident that she can guide me in reaching my dream career goals.”

Elena was empathetic and really listened to me

-Latricia, Human Resources Rep

“ I realized my resume needed a major change and I needed some help from a professional resume service.  After reading her bio and feedback, I had the feeling she was the right person who could help me like she helped so many other professionals. I was amazed how Elena only needed to ask me a few critical questions to gather as much information as she could to update my resume. Elena was a pleasure to work with, answered all of my questions, and included the reasoning behind them. Elena also provided useful tips about resumes in general and the best way to use LinkedIn. I would definitely recommend Elena and I will seek her assistance in the future when I need help.”

I was expecting a major change, but witnessed a small miracle instead. 

-Paul, Government Work

Students are elected by their peers to lead and are immediately expected to know what to do. Close the communication gap between your executive board and your chapter  to reduce the frustration and the anxiety of unmet expectations.


Our Triple E system will have everyone in your organization aligned on the same mission and goal. Encouraging, Empowering, Enabling each team member with the proper tools to confidently reach company milestones.

Corporate leadership development using CliftonStrengths®

Career development & leadership coaching for professionals who are looking to step into the next phase of their career.

1:1 Coaching


or approximately one-third of their life WORKINg.  

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Hi-I'm Elena!

I am a double gator with a Master’s degree in International Business and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Florida.

When you work with me, I will enable you to discover your true passion and 'what you want to be when you grow up'. This will enable you to find yourself in a position where you're fully working in your strengths.

I utilize tools, such as CliftonsStrengths® and my expertise in Neuro Linguistic Programming to break down hidden beliefs and constructs and open the mind to new possibilities. Your model of the world creates your reality and therefore influences your behavior and results. I will work with you to ensure your results are the ones you ultimately desire.

and I’m so happy that you’re here!

As a kid, I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. My passion for people development started in college when I held leadership and mentorship roles.

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