How to use an “emotional-control secret” to crush interview nerves and force interviewers to hand over your dream job

How to use the “emotional-control secret” to crush interview nerves and force interviewers to hand over your dream job

Emotional Intelligence plays an important role when it comes to making the right decisions in life.

It plays an even bigger role when you’re sitting down at an interview and have to deal with difficult questions.

Imagine the thought of losing a job offer based on how nervous you appeared to the interviewer,

Or the amount of time and energy it takes to control the thousands of thoughts you fall prey to before you walk into that interview room.

The knock on effect this can have on your answers, the thought process, the way you sit, your tone of voice.

Well fear no more as I will show you a simple way to crush those nerves so you can land the job of your childhood dreams.

First, before you learn to control an emotion, you have to understand where emotions come from.

Emotions are simply energy in motion.

Do you remember a time when someone you really hate did something that made you feel really angry? Or the time you received a piece of upsetting news?

Can you remember how it made you feel physically?
You must have felt some tension in either your stomach, chest or throat.
It’s similar to clenching your fist as hard as you can.
Actually, let’s try this as an experiment.
Clench your fist as hard as you can until it becomes uncomfortable and unbearable to hold. To the point where your arm starts to shake.
Then very slowly release that tension…. Notice how that feels.
This is what happens when you feel angry, hateful or when you’re feeling nervous.

The tension builds inside your body yet you forget to release it consciously.

Another thing that happens is that thousands of thoughts are released from your conscious mind.

Meaning you can now think of the right answers when the interviewer asks you the most unexpected toughest question.

But only if you do this the right way.

Each Emotion is pegged to thousands of thoughts.

If you sit there trying to eradicate each thought one by one, you will be there forever.

It is not until you get rid of an emotion when you can get rid of its accompanying thoughts.

Have you ever noticed when you’re feeling happy, you also get happy thoughts?

The same happens when you’re sad.

Well, now you have the tools to control your nerves, there is no reason why you should fail any interview ever again.

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Article written by Talha Ahmed,

Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions on Unsplash